Swd03 poe-dameron

Poe Dameron Character Card

Card Text/Ability Edit

Special: Discard a card from your hand to resolve one of the sides of its die if able. Then, if it was a vehicle card, you may pay its cost to play it from your discard pile.

Dice Edit

  1. Ranged Damage 2
  2. Ranged Damage 3 (Cost 1)
  3. Disrupt 1
  4. Resource 1
  5. Special
  6. Blank

Mutual Exclusions Edit

Card Types and (Rarity) Edit

Character, Hero, Red, (Legendary)

Card Clarification (FAQ) Edit

During the resolution of Poe’s special, if another special ability is chosen on the card that is discarded, that special fully resolves before the “Then” effect. (FAQ Version 1.0, Updated 07/11/2016).

Available Through Edit

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