Card Text/Ability Edit

While this character does not have an upgrade, the cost to attach a weapon to it is decreased by 1.

Dice Edit

  1. Melee Damage 1
  2. Melee Damage 1
  3. Melee Damage 2
  4. Focus 1
  5. Resource 1
  6. Blank

Card Types and (Rarity) Edit

Character, Hero, Blue, (Rare)

Card Clarification (FAQ) Edit

If you replace an upgrade on the Padawan in order to reduce the cost of a new weapon upgrade you are playing, the replaced upgrade stays on the Padawan until the new upgrade enters play. As such, the Padawan’s ability cannot decrease the cost of the new upgrade. (FAQ Version 1.0, Updated 07/11/2016).

Available Through Edit

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