Keywords are singular words on cards which have a secondary effect on gameplay.

For example, the Holdout Blaster has the Keywords 'Ambush' and 'Redeploy' - You may take one additional action after you play this card, and after the character to whom this card is equipped is defeated, transfer this card to another character.

Below is a list of known Keywords with their meaning listed below them. You can also view cards tagged in this category.

Ambush Edit

You may take one additional action after you play this card.

See: Cards with Ambush

Guardian Edit

When this card is activated, you may cancel one dice from the opponent's pool showing damage (either melee damage or range damage). Then deal its damage to the character.

See: Cards with Guardian

Redeploy Edit

After its character is defeated, move this card. (give it to a new character)

See: Cards with Redeploy.

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