Card Text/Ability Edit

Yellow character only.

Special: Spend 5 resources to choose a character. That character is defeated after this round ends.

Dice Edit

  1. Focus 2
  2. Disrupt 3 (Cost 1)
  3. Shield 2
  4. Resource 2
  5. Special
  6. Special

Cost Edit

4 Resources

Card Types and (Rarity) Edit

Ability, Villain, Yellow, (Legendary)

Card Clarification (FAQ) Edit

If the character with Crime Lord is defeated after Crime Lord’s ability is triggered, Crime Lord still triggers at the end of the round even if it is no longer in play. Players lose from having no cards in their hand or deck before Crime Lord resolves at the end of the round. (FAQ Version 1.0, Updated 07/11/2016).

Available Through Edit

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