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During play, the players take turns performing actions. Here are a list of the actions you can take during a turn in Star Wars: Destiny.

  • Play a card from your hand.
  • Activate a character or support.
  • Resolve your dice.
  • Discard a card to reroll your dice.
  • Use a card action.
  • Claim the battlefield (note, you may not act after doing this)

Play a card from your hand Edit

Play a card from your hand, resolving its effects immediately (if any). In the above image, the Villain player has played Take Cover from their hand to give First Order Stormtrooper a shield.

Activate a character or support Edit

When you activate a character or support you turn their card sideways and roll their dice. Before a card is activated the dice remain sitting on the card, afterwards the dice remain off the card. In the above image, Finn has been activated, but no other characters have.

Resolve your dice Edit

Choose a facing type on your dice. Then begin resolving as many of your dice with that symbol as you choose.

Discard a card to reroll your dice Edit

Discard a card from your hand to reroll dice of your choice. For example, if you have Use The Force in your hand, but your Blue characters are all dead, nothing is lost by discarding that card in order to reroll your remaining dice.

Use a card action Edit

Some cards have their own Action heading, which you may trigger as your action. For example, Leia Organa's ability is an action (rather than a special).

See: Cards with Action

Claim the battlefield Edit

Move the battlefield to your side of the play area, and resolve whatever Claim bonus it awards you. After claiming the battlefield, you may not perform any further actions (but your opponent may). If you claim the battlefield, you go first in the next round.